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Sole Slut

Posted on: July 27, 2017
Sole Slut

"Sometimes I think that my feet must be connected to my twat," giggles gymnast Lynn. "I know it sounds crazy but the minute a guy tickles or plays with my feet, I go crazy! I have to start rubbing my feet on him while I rub my nipples because I get so excited. I love it when a guy sucks on my toes, too. His tongue in between my little piggies is like his tongue right on my clit. It makes my twat ooze. Not a lot of guys are into feet like I am, but when I find one who wants to touch and suck them like I like, I will let him do whatever he wants to me. He can fuck my feet and my twat. Sometimes I get so turned on that I ask him to fuck my ass. I don't care what anyone thinks about it, either. As long as he and I feel good, that's all that matters."

Sole Slut

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Raven LeChance - Wife, mom and hard-bodied, mature fuck doll

Posted on: July 25, 2017
Wife, mom and hard-bodied, mature fuck doll

Raven LeChance is 46 and married. When this scene opens, she's in bed with a guy who is not her husband. She is wearing a short, tight skirt with blue panties. We know she's wearing blue panties because we can see right up her skirt. Tony, her guy, wants her to talk dirty.

"I don't know how comfortable I am talking dirty," Raven says.

But she is comfortable spreading her legs for Tony's fingers.

"Stick your fingers in me," Raven says, coming close to talking dirty. Then she shows off her cunt, which to us is just as good, if not better, than talking dirty. Then she sucks his cock. Then, while she's having her cunt eaten, Raven spews some fuck talk.

"Stick your fucking cock in me!" Raven says. "Oh, fuck that cunt!"

The cock goes in. Raven gets fucked every which way until she opens her mouth for his cum.

Raven was born in Illinois and lives in Florida. She measures 36D-27-37. She's the mother of an 18-year-old. She's a swinger but not a nudist. And she said, "I love having people watch me having sex. It gives me even more energy than usual."

Today, thousands of people will be watching her fuck. Somewhere, Raven is full of energy. Probably cock, too.

Wife, mom and hard-bodied, mature fuck doll

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Phoebe Page - Naughty and ass-fucked

Posted on: July 24, 2017
Naughty and ass-fucked

If you like your women classy and demure, then you came to the wrong place this time. In this scene, Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and mother from Tennessee, is anything but classy and demure. She's nasty. Horny. Slutty. Ravenous when it comes to cock. She's wearing slutty fishnet stockings, the kind a hooker might wear, with a matching bra and panties. The panties are crotchless, the better for her stud to get to her pussy.

"I'm going to give you a blow job and suck on your cock," Phoebe tells Al. "Would you cum in my mouth? I want it in my mouth and on my face."

But first, Phoebe sucks his cock, and then she lies back so Al can eat her pussy.

"I love your tongue on my pussy," Phoebe says as she spreads her legs wide to provide Al with deeper access to the inner portion of her beaver.

Al fucks her pussy then she sucks his cock some more. This time, she sucks him even harder and lustier than she did before, bobbing her head in rapid-fire motion on the cock that's still covered with her beaver sauce, and you know she's into it by the way she pinches her nipples.

"Are you gonna take my ass?" Phoebe finally asks.

Yeah, he is. And, of course, she finally gets what she wanted all along: cum in her mouth and on her face.

When a woman is like Phoebe, she always gets what she wants.

Naughty and ass-fucked

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Looking for satisfaction

Posted on: July 21, 2017
Looking for satisfaction

Lives: Los Angeles, California; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: December 12; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 117 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Still too chicken; BJs: I'm a swallower; Diddle: Most every night.

"I'm not dating right now, so I'm into using my toy a lot to satisfy me because I like cumming. Is there anything wrong with that? When I'm with a guy, I like lots of kissing, cuddling and petting before we get oral. After I've cum that way, I'll fuck in any position the guy wants to because I'll be able to cum again quite easily. I love doing it doggie style, but don't you dare touch my butthole!" Check out her photos as well.

Looking for satisfaction

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Elara Elis - Elara gets what she wants

Posted on: July 18, 2017
Elara gets what she wants

"I think I'm gonna fuck that cock. I'm gonna suck that cock," 49-year-old Elara Elis says by way of introduction to 40SomethingMag.com. She's a woman of her word. Before long, she's sucking that cock and riding that cock, and to finish things off, she sucks it a little more and enjoys a facial. Not bad for starters!

Elara is a wife from Florida. Her hobbies are SCUBA diving, reading and being a mom. She also likes bike riding and going to the gym. We asked her what kind of guys she likes and she said, "Nice ones. No drama. Handsome. A little dominant over me. Older and wiser."

"I'm an exhibitionist," she added. "I love being naked. I love being tied up and blindfolded and fucked. My fantasy is to have two guys or girls doing me."

Elara made this fantasy come true. We have no doubt she'll make that one come true, too.

Elara gets what she wants

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Sarah Rae - Reflections of Sarah

Posted on: July 17, 2017
Reflections of Sarah

XLGirls.com hadn't photographed sweet-faced Sarah Rae by our triple mirror like we have with Cherry Brady, Shyla Shy and others, and it was time. The angles you can get with this set-up can be awesome. This oily video is a boner-bender!

J.R. wrote to the "Weighing In" letters section of XL Girls magazine #244 about Sarah and what she does to him. "Sarah Rae is the most incredible woman I have ever seen, and she has the most incredible rack a woman could have. She is just pure chubby perfection. She is the kind of gal you'd want to snuggle up with in bed on a cold, winter night.

"She'd definitely be able to keep me warm with her huge tits and cuddly body. I have thoroughly enjoyed cumming to her photos and imagining what it would be like to shack up with such a babe. What a body on her; I just can't get over it! Please give me more of her massive hangers and gorgeous, luscious body."

We hope to see much more of Sarah in time to come! She lights up our pants.

Reflections of Sarah

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Kennedy Leigh - Going to Pound Town

Posted on: July 13, 2017
Going to Pound Town

The only thing Kennedy likes more than sucking cock is getting fucked by it. And the same thing could be said for the guy who gets to fool around with her. As much as Kennedy's pouty dick-sucking lips work magic on his cock, his favorite place to stick it is in her cunt. She gets a pounding that makes her perky boobs wiggle and her tight ass jiggle. And what good fuck would be complete without a good cum shot? Kennedy deep-throats her friend till he spills cum all over her tongue.

Going to Pound Town

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"I'm exposing myself!"

Posted on: July 11, 2017

Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: April 30; Ht: 5'2"; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Sexy cotton; Anal: Enjoy it; BJs: Spit, sorry; Diddle: Most nights.

"I love flirting with guys and flashing them my boobs (which is hard because of their size) or a bit of ass or beaver," said Lexis. "That's why I rarely wear panties when I'm out socially. I'm not getting laid near as much as I'd like, so I end up getting myself off just about every night. I like variety in that, too. I mean, sometimes I just use my fingers and sometimes I use my toy. I've just gotten into using two toys; one for my beaver and one in my butt. That's gotten me thinking that I'd like to be with two guys and feel two cocks in me at the same time. I like getting off in the shower, too, but shower sex is not for me because I'm a bit short to be able to manage it with a guy."

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Rosalyn Lopez - She knows what she likes

Posted on: July 10, 2017
She knows what she likes

Lives: San Diego, California; Occupation: Bartender; Age: 21; Born: October 14; Ht: 5'7"; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Only thongs; Anal: Only in a relationship; BJs: Usually spit; Sometimes.

"I like slow sex in a big bed where the guy and I won't be disturbed and have plenty of time to enjoy each other's bodies and screw and rest and then screw and rest some more. I know it sounds kinda mushy, but it's the best," said Rosalyn. "I like trying out different ways of fucking. I usually cum tow or three times while fucking if the guy can control himself. I guess my favorite position is doggie style because it feels kinda trasy and dirty somehow-and I love that."

She knows what she likes

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The Ready To Drop Preggie Show

Posted on: July 07, 2017
The Ready To Drop Preggie Show

XLGirls had to do a shoot with Shyla Shy at 8+ months before she dropped her special delivery. It was close to the edge but we had to ask. After her sex session at seven months with previous cock-mate JMac, we asked Shyla to call us if she would come back at eight months for one last series of solos. Shyla called and was happy to accept the invitation. Notice the tan-lines. Our president usually never has any questions for the editors to ask a model but he was curious about Shyla's bikini-outline tan. Shyla said she went to Wet 'N Wild (in Orlando, Florida) and tanned wearing a tiny bikini. That must have breastnotized lots of male preggo fans also at the water park! "I did get some looks like, 'What is she doing here?" Shyla remembered. And now prepare for the excitement of Shyla Shy stripping off her GND orange tank-top and blue-jeans cut-off, rubbing down her massive suckers with lube and spreading her legs open to play with her furry patch and huge bump, all of it in front of a three-sectioned mirror at eight-plus months. Now that's magic!

The Ready To Drop Preggie Show

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Kendra Lee Ryan - Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

Posted on: July 05, 2017
Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

We've all shopped at men's clothing stores where the sales staff is as accommodating and as helpful as girl-next-door Kendra Lee Ryan. Yeah, right! In your dreams, Boob Brothers!

Fortunately for Levi, the store is empty, more than surprising considering that Kendra is running the place. It should be filled with tit-hounds trying to get their hands on her fantastic merchandise. But if it were, then Levi wouldn't be getting his pipe blown out. So here's to quiet, empty stores managed by hot sales chicks.

Kendra helps Levi change his look by dressing him in something new. And then she offers up her lush body, starting with her 40DD sucklers. Man, this is great customer service! He hasn't even paid for his new clothes yet. They really trust guys at this store.

If you love girls who talk nasty and get nasty then Kendra Lee Ryan is the girl for you. "I like my big titties sucked," Kendra informs Levi. "Taste 'em. Rub my fucking nipples, baby. Pinch 'em. You like big fuckin' titties?" Levi is too focused and his mouth is too busy to respond.

Kendra wants the cock right then and there and gets busy. She drops to her knees and goes down on Levi, slurping, licking and sucking his shaft. She jerks his cock while she's sucking his balls and she's awesome at it, burying her face in his nut-bag. He frantically sticks his bone between Kendra's boobs and fucks her cleavage. She responds by hawking a glob on it to lube the way, a string of saliva dangling from her lips. "I wanna be your fucking whore!" cries Kendra. Wow! What a mouth! She grips his dick and sucks on it some more. They head over to a couch so Levi can pound Kendra's tight pussy every which way.

It's an action-packed start for a new girl at XLGirls.com and she wasn't bragging when she said she loves nut-cream.

"Real women swallow," says Kendra. "Plus I love the taste of cum!'

So now you've been to Kendra's shop. Kendra's dropped her top. She's drained the man-slop. Now comment below and give Kendra a prop.

Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

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Dede Lopez - Heel To Toes

Posted on: July 03, 2017
Heel To Toes

"I love to strip. It's very sensual and kind of dirty to know that you shouldn't be getting naked, but you are, and people are watching. I especially love it when I have on hose because it's like you're naked, but you still have on clothes. And the feel of the nylon while it's coming off and on is so sexual. That's why I always have to masturbate when I'm in hose. The gusset rubs on my clit all day and it gets all damp with my musky juices and then I have to cum. It's practically an addiction."

Heel To Toes

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Voyeur Neighbor

Posted on: June 29, 2017
Voyeur Neighbor

Brianna hates doing chores, so when she spies her peeping Tom neighbor looking at her legs with lust in his eyes, she decides to put his lust to good use. She tells him to carry her laundry home and then she makes him watch her legs strut and sway while he toils with his burden. But Brianna is not a cruel mistress. She repays his work with a little work of her own...by giving him a naughty foot job, blow job and then straddling his wood for a deep drilling. She lets him coat her shrimps with his cum because she is feeling very neighborly.

Voyeur Neighbor

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Skyy Black - The BIGGEST Anal Slut EVER

Posted on: June 28, 2017

Skyy Black has no time for small talk. She just has time for one thing and that's the dick. That's why when this scene starts, she is already on her knees giving this guy a sloppy, loud blowjob. You see, her friend is in the other room getting fucked, too, and Skyy is hell-bent on getting louder and nastier than she is. She sucks this cock like she is trying to drain it with just her mouth. Then she throws her fat, chocolate ass up in the air and dares this guy to pound her fat cooch until she cums. If you like a dirty talker, Skyy is your girl. She is hollering and cursing from the minute this guy gets the tip in. She gets pounded and then she is back to sucking cock and slurping up her cooch juice from this guy's rod. She gets that cock nice and wet and then she tells this guy to fuck her ass. And boy does he. He fucks the shit out of it and she loves every fucking stroke. If you want to see a real anal slut in action, look no further than Ms. Black. She is such a freak she gets her ass fucked and then cleans the cock off with her mouth! That's what we call a champion. When all is said and done, Skyy gets the biggest load ever on her ass and then she shows us all how happy she is about it...by making that cum-covered ass clap!


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Alayah Sashu - Sleeping Booty

Posted on: June 26, 2017
Sleeping Booty

Alayah is always horny, but since her man got a new job working nights, there is nothing that she can do but wait for him to get home and fuck her. But waiting is a tiring task and soon Alayah is passed out on the couch with her ass in the air. And that round booty of hers looks extra tasty to her man, so when he arrives home and finds Alayah slumbering on the sofa, he wakes her up by playing with her vagina and then fingering her. Alayah isn't one of those people who wake up grumpy, either. The minute she realizes that her man is home, she scores a home run with him right then and there. She sucks his dick and gets it lubed up and then he pile drives that vagina right on the floor. He ends up nutting after he fucks her ass cleavage and Alayah takes that coating with a smile.

Sleeping Booty

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Marilyn Mayson - An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

Posted on: June 22, 2017
An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

Our tale of two huge titties begins with almond-eyed Marilyn Mayson at the desk writing an entry in her diary. "Dear diary, it's always been my fantasy to sleep with more than one man at a time. I've seen this in so many erotic films..."

There will be no sleeping with any guys for Marilyn. No snoozing or dozing. They will be fucking and sucking and squeezing handfuls of those big, sexy tits. Marilyn is escorted to her bed and her two fuck buddies waste no time in tag-teaming her. One man shoves his cock between her legs while man #2 feeds her cock.

They alternate between sliding their dicks between her plush hooters and fucking her sweet, hungry mouth. Sitting up, Marilyn takes a cock in each fist and sucks on it, jacking the shaft as she sucks.

They get her on her hands and knees so one can fuck her from behind in doggie while the other gives her his shaft to swallow. It's going to be a long, hard night for Marilyn as her dream of two studs doing her comes true. Two big cum loads on her pretty face are on the way.

Check out Marilyn's video interview if you missed it. She talks about this threesome and other horny topics, like her love of cock sucking, which she excels at.

An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

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Jolie Rain - The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

Posted on: June 20, 2017
The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

She's been out of circulation for a while but now she's back, finally. The stacked redhead with a rack to kill for is back and at SCORE. Jolie Rain is a walking wet dream in her sexy lingerie and heels. Jolie's pierced breasts look bigger now. She was always built like a brick shithouse and now her wow rating is even higher: the girl-next-door has gone a little freaky-deaky. Treat her right and she'll fuck ya all night. Miss Rain is looking for some hard-man lovin' because sport-sex makes her feel on top of the world and SCORE has a hard-man just for her. He's up for the horny ginger and his tool is gonna make her scream and bring the roof down. Where's Jolie been? This answer may surprise you. She's been in Iraq serving her country in the military. "I walked into a recruiter's office and joined the army," Jolie said. In the army, she earned top grades in marksmanship and made many friends. Now Jolie's a civilian again and when we put out the call to her to re-enlist at SCORE, she was ready to fly our friendly skies once more. A man's woman, Jolie was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up outside New Orleans, then moved to Texas where a SCORE and V-mag reader found her. "I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and he saw me in a tank top and said, 'Wow, you have amazing boobs.' We got to talking, and he was amazed with my natural boobs. He said, 'I love this magazine, I love it, I love it, I'm the biggest fan and you should totally try out.' I was like, 'Well, you know, I don't know,' and he said, 'Please, please, you'll make everything come true for me.' And Jolie actually did go ahead and make that journey to SCORE. She loves old-school American muscle cars, video games, motorcycles and playing bass. She's a lusty, busty babydoll but not a Barbie-doll girly-girl. "I don't do the whole girl thing well," said Jolie. "I would much rather go to a bar and watch football than go to the mall and go shopping endlessly." A red-blooded tit-man would rather watch Jolie endlessly. As one TSG editor who interviewed her once put it, "it would be pointless if we were to have a poll that asked which girl you'd most like to have sex with. Taking the vote with a modest 100% of all ballots would be the selection, 'All of them.' However, if we were to have a poll that asked which girl you'd most like to sit in a dive bar and have a drink with, Jolie Rain would have to be the choice." Amen to that, brother.

The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

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Keita Eden - "Pour Champagne On my Crack!"

Posted on: June 19, 2017

Keita Eden is not only pretty, but she has one of those wide asses that you want to grab on to while you tap that from behind. Watch her get all dolled up to fuck and have champagne poured down her ass crack. She even gets an ice cube pushed into her hot pussy before she gets cocked down hard. "It's all about being open to whatever a man wants to do in the bedroom," says Keita. "If he wants to get freaky with ice cubes and bubbly, I am all for that. As long as he does me right and then sprays my ass with his cum so I can lick it all off. I love the way that cum tastes. So as long as he gives me that sweet cum, I am down for whatever kinky shit he wants to do."

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Danesha Marquel - Big Booty Office Girl

Posted on: June 16, 2017
Big Booty Office Girl

Danesha is a very shitty secretary. We are going to put that out there right away. She doesn't know anything about computers and she is clueless when it comes to office decorum. But here is what she is good at: Wearing slutty dresses that show off her humongous ass. And while that is not an employment skill, it does help her land a lot of jobs...blow jobs, that is. This curvy sex kitten can't get her boss' files to open on his computer so she does the next best thing and opens her legs and shows him her pussy. Then she gets naked and fucks herself with a huge dildo while he watches. She might not be good at dictation, but boy does she dick down her pussy like a pro!

Big Booty Office Girl

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Jamie Foy - Work that boss's ass!

Posted on: June 14, 2017
Work that boss's ass!

Jamie is a hard-driving, bitchy boss, and she's making a lot of demands. This poor guy... he has a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, but he's distracted by Jamie. You see, she's sitting in the office in a very unprofessional manner. Her legs are crossed, and this poor shlub can see the top of her stockings and her thighs, and Jamie's talking about work, and all he wants her to do is work his cock.

"Are you paying attention to me?" Jamie asks. "Have you written down anything that I said?"

She takes his notepad to see what he's been writing, and she's shocked.

"Wow, 'I wanna pound that ass?' That's what you wrote?" Jamie says, aghast. "'Do you deep throat? I want your ass?' That's what you've been taking notes about the whole time?"

Now emboldened, the guy says, "I also wrote, 'I want you to suck my cock right now.'"

This kind of stuff can get a guy fired...if his boss is somebody other than Jamie.

"You know what I think?" Jamie tells him. "I think you're a very dirty boy. I like dirty boys."

So much for that work that needs to be done. Before long, Jamie's deep-throating his cock and sitting on top of it, and then he's pounding her ass, just like he wanted.

See? It pays to take notes.

Work that boss's ass!

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Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

Posted on: June 12, 2017
Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

There is truth in advertising. The title of this XLGirls.com pictorial and video starring a great, new model named Marilyn Mayson is "Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie." Never has one title been so succinct. We are Mad Men when it comes to mams. Marilyn was discovered by an XLGirls staffer who always has his boob radar switched on and scanning for the best babes. Fortunately, Marilyn accepted the invitation to XLGirls and didn't think he was merely a crazy person with hidden motives. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship between Marilyn and the SCORE Studio where new, temporary bonds are formed between studs eager to satisfy them in erogenous recreation. Marilyn is the kind of girl who enjoys a lot of attention paid to her gorgeous and engorged 38H-cup sucklers, perky pointers that can reward her lucky worshipper with a taste of creamy nipple juice while she squeals and moans with sheet delight. JC is the recipient of Marilyn's dairy pleasure and Marilyn is overjoyed to have this worshipper open his mouth like an overgrown baby for her overflowing nipple nectar. Marilyn, who can easily suck her own nipples, and JC gorge on her squeezable breasts until nature calls on them to move south and fill Marilyn's squeeze box with his own gift for her, a present of prick for her to suck on as lustily as he sucked on her nipples. After the ecstatic treats of warm milk and a pink cookie, it's time to serve Marilyn the cream pie, specially made in her honor. Thank you, Marilyn Mayson, and stay sweet to the taste until next time.

Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

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Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure

Posted on: June 09, 2017
Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure

What is the number-one male sex fantasy no matter the nationality or race? If you're thinking of two hot chicks all over you, you're right. Threesomes of two girls-one guy are number one, way ahead of sex outside the bedroom or role-playing games. SCORELAND is starting off the year with a double big bang and we've brought in two very special guests for, as SCORE editor Dave put it, "a historic moment at SCORELAND." For the first time, mega-hottie Latina from California Daylene Rio meets up with Miami's busty and assy cream queen Sara Jay. You'd think these two superstars of bed-wrecking sex would have crossed paths earlier but they haven't, until now. Together they will work over a large woodie and extract the sap in a nasty, tits-a-poppin' threesome. Welcome to "Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure." Boobs are us at SCORELAND but--butt--we can't resist having them compare their butts first while they wait for their mountie to arrive and whip his hose out in their faces. They both have round, soft, firm cheeks made for slapping and grabbing while their tight, well-trained cunts are being plugged by fucking cock. "We're here to make fuck," says Sara, laughing in anticipation. "What are we going to do, Sara?" asks Daylene. "Titty sucking, some making-out, and then I think we should share a big piece of meat," Sara tells her. That meets with Daylene's gasp of approval. They both giggle with horny expectation. "I'm getting hungry already," Daylene says. "I'm ready to see a big stick go up her cooch. And lick the big stick after, and taste her cooch juice. We're going to get real messy very soon." "There's going to be lots of slob, and cum and spit," Sara adds. "Lots of sex," Daylene agrees. "Lots of butthole licking. It turns out we both like that ass licking," Sara says. "Lots of ass licking," Daylene echoes. "I love it." So there you have it. Two of the best busty cock worshippers in SCORELAND's history, Daylene Rio and Sara Jay, tackling one meat missile for the first time; throating, licking assholes, sucking balls, licking cooch, getting fucked every which way and snowballing--sharing--the jizz eruption they have detonated. How do you top this one!? Maybe that's an impossible mission.

Daylene & Sara's Big Juggy Adventure

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Amber Lynn Bach - Oily To Bed

Posted on: June 06, 2017
Oily To Bed

One of our favorite younger Florida MILFs is back in our town for some fuckin' fun, earning a fat cock and a fat modeling check. We've seen her creampied earlier here at SCOREVideos and taking on two cocks at SCORELAND. Amber Lynn Bach believes that a man should walk softly and carry a big meat stick, so Mr. Largo has been offered the chance to drill Amber's coochy-hole and ram it home in this fresh scene, an offer he would have been crazy to decline. (He was one of the two fuckers in Amber's threesome.) After he slicks up Amber's big breasts, she massages him with them like they're rollers and then tit-fucks him, too. This chick is very handy to have around. A swinger at times, besides being an uninhibited hot wife, her life is sex, sex and more sex of the straight or kinky kind when she's not living the Florida lifestyle of beach, pool, gym, scuba and sightseeing. You can see what excellent shape this babe is in. We see that Juan has been loading up on the protein drinks when he jerks off in Amber's face after he pounds her well-fucked beaver and drops a hefty amount of nut-milk on her pretty kisser, the cum dripping down her chin onto her beautiful breasts and body. A woman like this deserves as much semen as she can get. We salute Amber Lynn Bach, the perfect example of the modern American wife.

Oily To Bed

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Webbed Wonder

Posted on: June 05, 2017
 Webbed Wonder

Jewels Jones is a sexy brunette from Miami who will blow your mind. She loves it all, from kinky footjobs to raunchy blowjobs. As long as you spank the soles of her horny feet, her ripe ass and her coochy with your cock, this fishnet-clad nympho will follow you anywhere. "I just like being nasty," says Jewels. "If something is kinky or freaky, even if I am not that into it, I'll do it just because the idea of doing something dirty makes me fucking hot. I just started being into foot-play and leg-play and I love it. It's a turn-on for me when a man wants to try new things, and cumming all over my feet is pretty kinky and new to me."

 Webbed Wonder

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Analyze This

Posted on: June 01, 2017
Analyze This

Big-boobed blonde Alura Jenson kicks off the New Year with a big bang in her first hard-SCORE scene. Alura has a huge orgasm as she rubs her clit fast and furiously while being fucked in the ass by JC's big dick. She tells him to cum inside her ass and while the man-juice comes out of her ass after he pulls out, Alura sucks on his shaft to get the remainder. She's a wild one!

"I actually managed to have an overwhelming, genuine orgasm about three minutes before he came in my ass. It was beautiful. Kinky fuck put his dick straight from my ass into my mouth to let me taste those last few drops of cum off of his dick," wrote Alura.

"I am an assertive woman," says Alura. "If I want sex, I go for it. I love sex many times a week. It satisfies me best if there's an emotional connection but there doesn't have to be."

Please give Alura your props for her non-stop cock rock.

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